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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

    NEXX doesn’t sell directly to public. You can use our Store Locator system in order to find the nearest stores to you.

    The COVID-19 pandemic brought significant changes to our day to day life, imposing new habits.

    Due to the required safety and hygiene conditions, we have some recommendations in regards of the cleaning / disinfection process of the interior of the helmet:

    – The visor should be removed for cleaning / disinfection of the interior of the helmet.

    – You must ensure that the electrical components are covered during the cleaning process to prevent direct contact with the disinfectant.

    – Disinfectants with 50% and 60% alcohol (etanol, 2- propanol, n-propanol) are suitable as active ingredients.

    – The disinfectant should not contain any additional component of bleach, such as hydrogen peroxide or chlorine. The safety instructions of the manufacturer of the disinfectant should be followed.

    – Apply the disinfectant liquid or spray, on a soft cloth damp and gently wipe the inside of the helmet (do not apply the disinfectant directly). The product is expected to evaporate completely, and after it dries on the surface, the helmet will be ready for use again).

    – For hygiene reasons, it is recommended the use of balaclavas.

    – The instructions for care and cleaning that are listed in the product manual of your helmet (also see the FAQ’s – How can I wash my helmet?) should be taken into consideration.

    In case of any questions, please contact NEXX, or your local dealer.

    NEXX has no repair / verification service for crashed / impacted helmets. In order to be able to verify the safety of a helmet after a fall, the helmet would have to be subjected to tests that would destroy the helmet itself and is therefore not feasible.

    NEXX Helmets always advises to replace the helmet in case of an accident (or strong impact), even if the damage is not apparent. Even a small impact can damage a helmet (eg inside) and often this damage is imperceptible to the simple user.

    Regarding noise, our experience and research on this subject has always led to the same result, which in most cases noise perception and user tolerance vary greatly.

    Moreover, in the tests, we had results that proved that the noise is not caused by the helmet. Most of the time, the noise is caused by unfavorable combinations of individual components, that can have a relevant effect on the acoustic of the helmet, such as body size, clothing worn, motorcycle type or windscreen (very important), riding position and head size and shape.

    Wind noise is caused by unstable air flow surrounding the helmet. The unstable air, generate pressure variation, which is perceived as noise in the helmet (known as pseudo-noise). Only the user of the helmet hears this noise.
    Our helmets are tested in wind tunnels, and are produced to be as quiet as possible.
    The helmet must fits tightly and also fit as closely as possible to the neck.

    NEXX Helmets cannot consider subjective noise-related situations, as being defects covered by the warranty.

    Helmets can be gathered in various brands depending on its shape, the material used in the manufacture of the exterior shell, its usage, homologation and finally depending on its price. If we look at the shapes, there are three types of shells: the FULL FACE shell, the OPEN FACE (JET type) one and also the MODULAR shell. All of them manufactured in thermoplastic or in composites (fiber). Depending on its own characteristics, helmets will be divided into two brands, those that will be used on the road or those ones that will be used in all off-road riding, as the cross helmets. All NEXX helmets hold ECE 22-05 homologation. Relatively to the prices, as in all products, there are lower prices (plastic helmets) and higher prices (composites – fiber helmets).

    Our size guide follows the references for an average oval head. To know your measurement you will need to measure, using a tape measure, the circumference of your head, starting at your forehead, and keeping the tape above your ears. After taking this measurement, you can use our Size Guide to see the correct reference of the helmet size.

    You can see our Size Guide here.

    There are some differences between our models. Sizes, and fit, depend on many factors, such as the shape of the head, the shape of the face, etc.

    Choosing the correct size of the helmet is very important, and it is the sole responsibility of the customer, to ensure an adequate fit at the time of purchase (improper fit is one of the exclusion points of our warranty policy).

    For this reason, we always recommend that the customer try the helmet, before purchasing it, in one of our representative stores. You can consult our quick guide to check the proper fit and size here.